24th February 2021

Radnor to launch first vitamin D spring water drink in Tetra Pak® packages

Wales’ leading family owned branded soft drinks company is launching a new product to help customers to get their daily vitamin D dose. Radnor Vits, which […]
24th February 2021

Vegetarian for Life invites you to join their monthly virtual vegan luncheon club

Fourth Tuesday of every month via zoom Open to vegans, vegetarians, and meat reducers aged 65 and over, the club offers attendees the chance to learn […]
23rd February 2021

Sleep deprivation and its effect on your body

Rolling out of bed after a poor night of sleep is never a fun experience. And if this is your n-th sleep-deprived morning, your temper is […]
16th February 2021

Luna™ is lighting up the world for young eyes during the darkness of lockdown

Infomercial series teaches children how to maximise the benefits of light in their daily lives. A new series of informercials has been launched to help young […]
8th February 2021

What are the most common skincare problems facing patients today?

However good someone’s skincare routine is, there are a number of problems, from breakouts to dry skin, that can crop up at any time. These skincare […]
4th February 2021

Cambridgeshire rehab community ‘bridges gap’ left by lockdown with relative support forum

A specialist Cambridgeshire rehabilitation community has helped to bridge the gap left by lockdown between relatives and therapists through its ‘Ask the Therapist’ forum. With today […]


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