20th June 2022

7 ways to boost your brainpower

We often say “follow your heart” but, in reality, our brain controls much of what we do. It is in charge of planning, organizing, remembering, focusing, […]
13th June 2022

New training sessions could reduce health inequalities among wheelchair users

A new training scheme for wheelchair users aims to reduce health inequalities and equip them with skills that will provide mental and physical benefits, build confidence […]
13th June 2022

Dealing with osteoarthritis: surgeon weighs in when medication is not enough

Osteoarthritis patient numbers have been steadily rising over the past three decades and millions of adults over 50 deal with daily illness-induced pains and limited mobility. […]
25th May 2022

Schoen Clinic UK’s leading London outpatient mental health clinic receives high praise and rating in CQC inspection

Schoen Clinic’s Chelsea outpatient clinic specialising in mental health treatments has been awarded a prestigious ‘Good’ rating in all areas in its latest Care Quality Commission […]
19th May 2022

Voon nano-infused CBD pouches – enhanced bioavailability & elevated absorption

Smokeless alternatives are quickly becoming popular amongst CBD enthusiast in recent years. Aside from obvious health reasons, such shift is also due to the increase in […]
19th May 2022

Bamboo water – the health benefits

Introducing Juno Bamboo Water, the first botanical water made with infused bamboo leaf, and rich in antioxidants. Bamboo extract has been used for centuries as a […]


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