Diet & Nutrition

16th April 2024

Healthcare expert reveals the top foods to help manage PCOS symptoms

Global Google searches for PCOS have hit an all-time high since records began in 2004. A diet rich in lean protein, fibre, and fatty acids could […]
4th April 2024

The risks of high cholesterol

High cholesterol is a common health condition affecting millions of people. It occurs when excessive cholesterol is in the blood, leading to serious health risks if […]
18th January 2024

6 benefits of plant-based supplements

The cold, hard fact is that many of us don’t get the recommended intake of vitamins and minerals in our diets alone. This can be due […]
18th January 2024

5 best supplements to reduce stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are common problems in our society, and they show no signs of disappearing. Whether your issues are related to your personal, home, or […]
11th October 2023

Mushrooms: a nutrient-packed solution for families amid cost-of-living struggles

In these challenging times of rising food costs, mushrooms emerge as a budget-friendly and nutritious choice for families As UK families face the ongoing challenges of […]
4th July 2023

Ditch the sandwich – ZENB is taking you out to lunch!

Sick of soggy sarnies and in desperate need of some inspiration for your midday meal? Well, plant-based pioneers ZENB have the answer in the nutritious and […]
4th May 2023

How to gain weight in a healthy way

Whether you are currently underweight or want to put on some muscle, you should definitely consider adding those desired pounds in a healthy way. You’ll not […]
28th April 2023

New protein supplement designed exclusively for over 50s launched by dietitian

Are you consuming enough protein? Find out with the Provytl Protein Calculator: Only 25% of Brits over 50 are eating enough protein to prevent avoidable […]
31st October 2022

The gut feeling: experts highlight the significance of good gut health

We all know that feeling when we “gut” something out. Whether on the verge of making a difficult decision or undertaking a challenging physical feat, our […]