12th May 2021

Rinnai calls for one industry council in drive to net zero

A single unifying body can concentrate all efforts from all sectors of the building products & services industry in achieving clear and concise information exchange in […]
12th May 2021

Envirogen Group’s purified water solutions power mobile units to slash hospital waiting times

Hospitals are under increased pressure to meet the needs of a growing and ageing population. This trend is seen in endoscopy as preventative medicine spearheads a […]
12th May 2021

LEDVANCE lights the way in healthcare UV-C solution

The range of UV-C products from LEDVANCE are an ideal disinfecting light solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. The LEDVANCE T8 UV-C and the Linear Housing […]
12th May 2021

Long-acting injectable medicine as potential route to COVID-19 therapy

Researchers from the University of Liverpool have shown the potential of repurposing an existing and cheap drug into a long-acting injectable therapy that could be used […]
12th May 2021

Interoperability is the key to transforming the healthcare service

Ed Platt, UK Sales Director for Omnicell UK&I, shares the following insight with Hospital Hub… “Interoperability allows different computer systems or software solutions to share information […]
10th May 2021

Hospital trust reinvesting millions in savings in frontline staff, education and patient care

A hospital trust’s savings on orthopaedic trauma products through NHS Supply Chain has allowed it to reinvest in frontline staff, education and patient care. Nottingham University […]


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