Patient Care

2nd July 2019

Patient diagnostics in a heartbeat

… using connected electrocardiograms to improve patient safety According to the Royal College of Nursing an integrated electronic care system can have benefits for both patients […]
28th June 2019

Innovative triple negative breast cancer study reveals good news

Results of innovative triple negative breast cancer project paves the way for new six-year study to improve response to immunotherapy Promising results of his team’s research […]
13th June 2019

Charity set to provide interactive mobile gaming equipment to cancer centres

TheRockinR Gaming Charity to provide interactive mobile gaming equipment to the 21 UK principle cancer trust centres Mobile gaming carts to provide relief through the medium […]
27th May 2019

Lower back pain is a troublesome burden

Lower back pain is undoubtedly a problem that affects many of us. In fact, 80% of the population will at some time suffer from back or […]
22nd May 2019

Efficacy supports GPs in challenging times with online therapy service

Leading CBT firm uses digital platform and programmes to deliver mental health support to doctors using the GP Health Service A leading mental health service is using […]
16th May 2019

Non-hormonal prescribed treatments for menopausal sweats and flushes

Troublesome hot flushes and night sweats can be the bane of many menopausal women’s lives. Not all women can use, or want to use, Hormone Replacement […]
16th May 2019

Lesley Dibley has changed the way doctors talk to patients with IBD

Nurse. Researcher. Pioneer. Lesley Dibley gives a voice to a marginalised group and has changed the way doctors talk to patients with inflammatory bowel disease. A […]
14th May 2019

Will a simple test for pancreatic cancer really solve the late diagnosis crisis?

Pancreatic Cancer UK announces that they are investing £750,000 into developing the first simple test for pancreatic cancer by 2024.   Currently, pancreatic cancer is diagnosed by a CT […]
14th May 2019

Bereavement suite welcomes donations from local college

A suite used by bereaved families at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust has received a welcome donation from staff at a local college. The […]