Infection Prevention

4th November 2021

Lactoferrin supplements could aid in the recovery of COVID19 and other Respiratory Tract Infections

The antiviral properties of lactoferrin make it a great natural supplement that could also be used as an adjunct for COVID-19 and for various other Respiratory […]
28th October 2021

Winterproof your IPC plan in 7 easy steps

Is your Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) system fit for purpose?  Rose McNeill, Head of Strategy at Perfect Ward, shares her top tips for getting the […]
26th October 2021

John Bell & Croyden becomes first pharmacy in England to use ‘NanoStrike technology’ to prevent the spread of airborne viruses 

John Bell & Croyden – Harley Street Medical Area’s renowned luxury pharmacy emporium – has become the first pharmacy in England to use pioneering NanoStrike technology […]
19th October 2021

ViraCoat joint venture with The MEL Group for manufacture of virus killing PPE mask

• ViraCoat 3 Ply Type 2R Surgical Face Masks, ViraCoat FFP2 Respirator Masks and ViraCoat FFP3 Respirator Masks that destroy SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses are to […]
13th October 2021

UPDATE: The Silver Life Face Mask is now a Type II reusable PPE face mask under the CE qualification process and can be used by hospitals, health authorities, and care homes

The Silver Life Face Mask uses patented silver-based technology to protect against COVID-19 and fight against PPE plastic pollution The Silver Life Mask has completed the CE […]
11th October 2021

John Bell & Croyden hosts ‘Immunity Week’ in partnership with Hello Day to help educate about the benefits of supporting their immunity

John Bell & Croyden – the renowned pharmacy emporium in London’s Harley Street Medical Area– is hosting Immunity Week, in partnership with Hello Day to help […]
6th October 2021

Improved prescribing of antibiotics for bacterial infections enabled by novel, rapid Point of Care technology

Test and Treat has launched a novel Point of Care technology that identifies bacterial infection and a quantitative antibiotic susceptibility profile in less than 2 hours. […]
29th September 2021

Protecta launched to help fight against HCAIs

Figures show that every year around 834,000¹ people acquire a preventable infection whilst in hospital and at least 12.5%² of patients admitted for non-COVID-19 conditions are […]
29th September 2021

Clinical investigation shows Herb-Pharma’s ViroStop spray effective in reducing impact of COVID-19

A recent clinical study has shown that the ViroStop anti-viral spray from Swiss company, Herb-Pharma is effective in reducing the impact of COVID-19 for patients with […]