Infection Prevention

25th February 2020

mikrozid® – effective against enveloped viruses

The new coronavirus COVID-19 is an enveloped virus, belonging to the same family as the causative agents of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Severe […]
24th February 2020

Media hype or do we have anything to really worry about?

Oliver Canty, CEO of IC Solutions kindly shared this article with Hospital Hub… What classifies a virus as a coronavirus? Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses, meaning they are […]
19th February 2020

UK faces Legionnaires’ Disease time bomb warns expert

Public Health England figures reveal more than 500 confirmed cases in 2019 Climate change fuelling rise in cases as bacteria thrives in warm temperatures UK’s hottest […]
10th February 2020

Introducing Envirogen Group’s EndoTherm Duo Modular Range RO system

NEW EndoTherm Duo Modular Range RO system (for endoscopy and sterile services applications) from Envirogen Group. Envirogen Group’s new EndoTherm Duo Modular Range is a range […]
5th February 2020

Update on biocides: there is no ‘silver bullet’

By Lucy Bilotto, European Marketing Manager, Altro Limited In recent years the arguments for and against the use of biocides have intensified. Some pro-biocide organisations (typically […]
3rd February 2020

Meiko dishwashing machine leaves dishes free of coronavirus

Hygienists have confirmed that dishes are free of the coronavirus after one wash cycle in a Meiko dishwashing machine The hygienic safety of the Meiko warewashing […]
8th January 2020

Getinge signs T-DOC agreement with seven hospitals in Denmark

Getinge and the North Denmark Region signed an agreement on one of the most advanced and largest T-DOC orders in the world. Getinge will now supply […]
6th January 2020

How sand fly mating habits are helping tackle tropical disease

The tropical disease Leishmaniasis is being tackled by catching female sand flies who carry the parasite that causes the disease. Scientists led by Professors Orin Courtenay […]
17th December 2019

Tork® offers Virtual Reality hand hygiene training

New from Tork is a cutting-edge virtual reality training simulation aimed at improving hand hygiene in healthcare. Manufacturer Essity collaborated with behavioral scientists, university hospitals and […]