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18th June 2019

Research demonstrating the importance of exercise in cancer care

Northumbria University is researching the impact of exercise on cancer on survivorship Research at Northumbria University, Newcastle is investigating the important role that structured exercise programmes […]
13th June 2019

‘Equine Recruits’ improving patient experience at Priory’s Specialist Brain Injury Centres

Meet the new “Equine Recruits” who are improving patient experience at Priory’s Specialist Brain Injury Centres Specialist teams at Priory Burton Park and Priory Grafton Manor […]
12th June 2019

Community pharmacies make a lifestyle impact for patients with prostate cancer

Cardiovascular health and physical activity levels of prostate cancer patients improve following successful interventions by community pharmacies, new research in the British Medical Journal reports. In […]
22nd May 2019

Efficacy supports GPs in challenging times with online therapy service

Leading CBT firm uses digital platform and programmes to deliver mental health support to doctors using the GP Health Service A leading mental health service is using […]
16th May 2019

Word and number puzzles improve adult cognitive function

Older adults who regularly take part in word and number puzzles have sharper brains, according to the largest online study to date. The more regularly adults […]
7th May 2019

The Silence on Men’s Health: a UK and US study

Study reveals a lack of coverage on men’s health issues across major magazines in the UK and US Ageing skin has 10 times more coverage in […]
28th April 2019

The top five health apps to keep you motivated

By the year 2020, the UK is expected to reach £22.8 billion in value. It’s a lucrative business, and with money pouring into the sector, new […]
16th April 2019

New emotional fitness app Fika helps channel stress to meet goals

To mark stress awareness month this April, new emotional fitness app Fika is raising awareness among the student population of the potential positives of stress, as […]
15th April 2019

Testosterone for women, Oestrogen for men?

Here, Dr Don Colbert, M.D. illustrates how and why the wrong levels of hormones can result in health problems for both sexes… You don’t normally think […]