Stress, Sleep & Relaxation

30th September 2021

Elevar oral strips – an easier, more discreet & effective way of CBD consumption

Choosing the most suitable CBD intake format With a myriad of CBD brands available nowadays, selecting the most apt CBD product can be difficult at times. […]
26th August 2021

The Relationship Between Sleep and Life Expectancy

We spend roughly a third of our life asleep. Spelled out like that, it sounds like quite a lot. However, instead of looking at all of […]
22nd July 2021

The British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services launched

July 2021 sees the launch of the British Society of Pharmacy Sleep Services (BSPSS) The Society will support through education, community pharmacists’ knowledge and understanding of […]
6th July 2021

Choosing the right dissolvable CBD oral strips

No larger than the size of a postage stamp, CBD oral strips have quickly become a favorite amongst many CBD enthusiasts due to its unique offerings […]
15th March 2021

Melatonin for sleep: five things you should know

Nothing can make you feel quite as sluggish, irritable, or moody as a lack of sleep. How much of it you get is directly related to […]
23rd February 2021

Sleep deprivation and its effect on your body

Rolling out of bed after a poor night of sleep is never a fun experience. And if this is your n-th sleep-deprived morning, your temper is […]
15th December 2020

Improve your mental health simply by saying no more often

How many times during the week do you find yourself agreeing to something you’d prefer not to do? It gets put on your to-do list, then […]
15th December 2020

Is music the answer to the stress caused by 2020?

This year has been an emotional strain for so many of us, whether we’ve felt incredibly socially isolated during the peak of national lockdown, lost our […]
19th November 2020

Five daily habits that are ruining your good night’s sleep

Back in 2008, approximately 29% of US adults reported sleeping less than seven hours per night. More than 50 million suffered from chronic sleep disorders. Now, […]