Mental Health & Wellbeing

24th August 2021

Tickets released for Performing Medicine’s Open Programme Autumn Season

Performing Medicine, an initiative founded by charity Clod Ensemble, provides art-based training programmes for health and social care professionals to support mental health and wellbeing. Performing […]
21st July 2021

Jayde Adams celebrates her sister’s legacy, 10 years on

Ten years on from her sister Jenna’s tragic death, award-winning comedian Jayde Adams pays tribute to Jenna and to Brain Tumour Support, the charity that helped […]
24th May 2021

Stress-free funding round for well-being tech firm

Thrive – the NHS’ only approved mental health and wellbeing app for the workplace – completes £2.5m funding round in 10 days Thrive Therapeutic Software has […]
4th May 2021

Support to mums as NHS struggles with maternal mental health crisis

Mum-powered programme providing essential support to mums, as NHS struggles with maternal mental health crisis Thousands of mothers are missing out on essential mental and emotional […]
22nd April 2021

The mind-skin connection is stronger than you think

Great skin. For many people, the concept equates to rosy cheeks, glassy-smooth surfaces, and that “je ne sais quoi” glow that supermodels possess when gracing the […]
15th April 2021

Covid-19 patients’ mental health and wellbeing low enough to require depression assessment, says new data

SilverCloud Health offers free digital therapy, “Space from Covid”, backed by senior NHS leaders to help UK patients recover from mental challenges of pandemic. Tackling sleep […]
7th April 2021

Loneliness during the pandemic

Today’s ONS report into loneliness during the pandemic highlights the sheer scale of this incredibly sad problem and we draw on comments from a selection of […]
24th March 2021

Performing Medicine: supporting the NHS using arts-based initiatives

Jo Mclean, executive director, at Performing Medicine (, an initiative founded by multi award-winning charity Clod Ensemble, provides an insight into how it is helping empower […]
16th March 2021

Free mental health and wellbeing support to parents and critical workers

Nourish partners with Locum’s Nest to provide free mental health and wellbeing support to parents and critical workers Critical workers and parents are typically identified as […]