Behaviours & Additions

23rd January 2020

Breaking bad habits for good in 2020

Cheryl Lythgoe is Head Matron at Benenden Health, the non-for-profit affordable healthcare provider, committed to improving the nation’s health. Here, she provides tips on how to […]
16th January 2020

Does exclusion help with disruptive behaviours

Disruptive, unacceptable behaviour. It happens in schools all over the UK. And one of the ways to tackle this is with exclusion… Whilst many consider this […]
25th November 2019

Stop smoking during pregnancy

We understand that you’re not trying to read another article that tells you all of the bad aspects that come with your need to stop smoking. […]
29th October 2019

Addiction stigma rife as 1 in 3 people believe addicts ‘brought it on themselves’

A new survey has revealed the extent of addiction stigma in 2019 – the year that saw record numbers of drugs deaths across the UK. The […]
10th October 2019

The Big Retreat Wales announces mindful bar at next year’s festival

As the country is in the throes of staying sober during October, the UK’s most balanced festival announces a brand new ‘no-low’ alcohol bar for 2020. […]
20th September 2019

Work life balance fails in the UK…

…as 87% of managers admit to having their work phone on them outside the office and when on holiday 62% of managers do not take their […]
1st July 2019

How harmful is gambling, and what can be done? Lords ask for input to new inquiry

The House of Lords Select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry has today issued its call for evidence. Issues relating to […]
27th June 2019

Drunk at work: how companies can tackle the issue

Drunk at work: the cost to the UK economy and how some companies are tackling the issue New research has revealed that as many as 89,000 […]
13th June 2019

Hayley Goes… Sober on BBC with Ailsa Frank

Hayley Goes… Sober Episode 1 of 6: BBC One, 11 pm Tuesday 18th June Hayley Pearce, 29, loves a drink. Like many people she started drinking […]