Nature’s Pharmacy

14th November 2019

Introducing Cannadips – natural, discreet & fast-acting CBD infused pouches

Cannadips, Snus-inspired CBD infused pouches that are all natural, discreet and fast-acting From candies and oil tinctures to tea bags or even face creams, CBD products […]
29th October 2019

‘Canna’ do attitude sees consultancy expand its event series

London Canna Group (LCG or the “Company”) the leading comprehensive cannabis consultancy in the United Kingdom, announces details of its international expansion with ECE 2020 event […]
30th September 2019

CBD Oil – the natural alternative to HRT?

CBD, or cannabidiol is hot topic. Often touted as a ‘wonder product’ it is suggested to have benefits for a huge range of health challenges. Some […]
27th September 2019

New national study reveals people are still confused about CBD

• Nearly a quarter of respondents (22%) think CBD is addictive • 64% don’t believe it can be sold in shops • More than 1 in […]
27th June 2019

Divulging my expert digestive secrets…

86% of Brits have suffered from a gastrointestinal problem in the past year.  Nutritionist and microbiome expert Shann Nix Jones discloses some of her top digestion […]
26th June 2019

HRH Prince Charles announced as new patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy

The Faculty of Homeopathy is delighted to announce His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales as Patron of the Faculty of Homeopathy Dr Gary Smyth, President […]
16th May 2019

Four reasons why houseplants are good for you…

Houseplants are hot right now: everywhere from bars and offices to fashion stores and bookshops are full of green walls, hanging foliage and pots of spiky […]
3rd May 2019

New hope for Alzheimer’s prevention

Curcumin – a natural ‘wonder ingredient’ – is widely known to have many health benefits New research at University of Warwick will test how curcumin kick-starts […]
10th April 2019

The return of the blackcurrant

With new, exotic ‘superfoods’ emerging on a regular basis, one unfashionable but previously unconsidered berry, the blackcurrant, is enjoying a spirited revival on the global stage […]