Nature’s Pharmacy

16th May 2019

Four reasons why houseplants are good for you…

Houseplants are hot right now: everywhere from bars and offices to fashion stores and bookshops are full of green walls, hanging foliage and pots of spiky […]
3rd May 2019

New hope for Alzheimer’s prevention

Curcumin – a natural ‘wonder ingredient’ – is widely known to have many health benefits New research at University of Warwick will test how curcumin kick-starts […]
10th April 2019

The return of the blackcurrant

With new, exotic ‘superfoods’ emerging on a regular basis, one unfashionable but previously unconsidered berry, the blackcurrant, is enjoying a spirited revival on the global stage […]
10th April 2019

New CBD juice drinks pack a punch

There’s a new kid on the block in CBD (cannabidiol) drinks and it’s set to cause a stir.  Humphrey’s is introducing a range of flavourful juice […]