Infection Prevention

16th May 2020

More essential than ever before – unlimited hot water on demand

Don’t replace ‘like for like’ in healthcare sites – limitless hot water on demand is readily available now Rinnai continuous flow hot water delivery units and […]
14th May 2020

Preventative washing in ICU is more critical than ever

The importance of preventive washing in intensive care units as part of  COVID-19 management By Thomas OH, Ph.D., Medical & Scientific Affairs for ASIA PACIFIC (Schülke […]
7th May 2020

Disinfectants – why reading the label is vitally important

As a manufacturer of the disinfectant NEMESIS eH2O, Adrian Gee-Turner explains why it is necessary to read a disinfectant’s label in order to determine whether it […]
7th May 2020

Steribase for safer medical spaces

IST (UK) offers Steribase UV clean air solutions for safer medical spaces Hospitals, surgeries and pharmacies seeking to make spaces safer for staff, patients and visitors […]
30th April 2020

WATCH NOW – fogging technology helping the fight against coronavirus

Please click the Halo image above to watch video footage aired on NBC News Today programme on 28 April. Visit to find out more about […]
29th April 2020

Rinnai innovation – mobile hand wash & hot water hygiene station

Latest product development from Rinnai is a complete mobile hand wash and hygiene station geared up to supply unlimited amounts of continuous flow hot water for […]
28th April 2020

Medical protective equipment – it’s a complicated world!

The use of face masks, gloves and other protective clothing has been all over the news in recent weeks. For obvious reasons, we all want to […]
28th April 2020

New automatic hand sanitiser dispensers to fight cross contamination

Regency Design, the award-winning design and manufacturing business, has launched a bespoke series of automatic hand sanitiser dispensing stations to help hospitals, care homes, and other […]
27th April 2020

Online COVID-19 remote monitoring platform

NEW FREE ONLINE COVID-19 REMOTE MONITORING PLATFORM AIDS SELF-MONITORING A new free online platform has been created to allow people in the UK to self-monitor for […]