Infection Prevention

20th September 2021

Increased antibody testing will avert Plan B, says expert

Increased antibody testing will give a far clearer picture of how well our resistance to Covid-19 is maintained this winter. That’s vital to help the Government […]
13th September 2021

Using octenidine wash mitts in ICU for patient cleansing

Thanks to Anne Savage – Senior Staff Nurse, ICU, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust – and Rachel Crisford, ICU Lead Nurse, Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust […]
26th August 2021

Groundbreaking virus destroying face mask & wearables turn people into ‘human virus neutralisers’

Is becoming a ‘variant factory’ inevitable? No – there’s an alternative. They call themselves ‘Transmission Hackers’, they’re democratising anti-viral PPE for the masses and disguising it […]
23rd August 2021

Perfect Ward IPC Poll reports 63.2% of healthcare respondents feel ‘unprepared’ for winter season

Perfect Ward, a specialist provider of digital quality improvement and safety solutions, has announced the results of the company’s recent Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) poll.  Over […]
30th July 2021

Essity signs partnership with IPS and Sodexo to provide critical education to prevent spread of healthcare associated infections

Tork, Essity’s global leading professional hygiene brand, has partnered with the Infection Prevention Society (IPS) and global service provider, Sodexo to launch an Environment, Cleaning and […]
30th July 2021

Rinnai full product availability for all models 24/7 and next day delivery, including 48-58kW units

Rinnai’s full range of continuous flow models and systems guarantees uninterrupted flows of temperature accurate & thermically disinfectant hot water heating for all sites in all […]
28th July 2021

Study finds Legiolert® to be improved method for the prevention and control of outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease

IDEXX has welcomed the publication of a study1 carried out by the Public Health Laboratory of L’Hospitalet in Barcelona, Spain, which compared the IDEXX Legiolert® test […]
1st July 2021

10-minute test to see if you have antibodies against COVID-19

Is coronavirus still a danger, even if I’m vaccinated? A new rapid test needs just 10 minutes to show whether you have had the intended immune […]
29th June 2021

Iota-carrageenan nasal spray preventing COVID-19 – positive clinical trial results from Marinomed

As the virus incidence rate in the UK increases and many are again wondering about how to protect themselves… we are delighted to share news of […]