Infection Prevention

26th January 2021

UVC air disinfection – clean air and effective against coronavirus

UV Technik International Ltd introduces SteriWhite Air Q115, a compact UVC air disinfection unit for use within the medical profession. Its versatility, due to the size […]
26th January 2021

Masks, you may be covered but are you protected?  

KYMIRA provide advanced protection with K-Mask & Nanofibre K-Filters The KYMIRA K-Mask, with the integrated Nanofibre K-Filter, is designed to protect you from viruses, bacteria and […]
25th January 2021

Introduction to surface cleaning in hospital settings – online CPD training

‘The essence of good cleaning is that things not only look clean afterwards, but that they are clean.’ [NPSA, 2009] At all times ‘the hospital environment […]
24th January 2021

mikrozid® universal wipes

Advice from Public Health England about preventing the spread of COVID-19 in healthcare settings, states that ‘Effective infection prevention and control measures ….. are essential to […]
19th January 2021

Don’t replace ‘like for like’ in healthcare sites – limitless hot water on demand is readily available now

Rinnai continuous flow hot water delivery units and systems can offer unlimited amounts of hot water for hand washing and hygiene in all healthcare applications and […]
15th January 2021

Queen’s pharmacist chosen as COVID-19 vaccination site

John Bell & Croyden – established in 1798 and pharmacists to Her Majesty the Queen since 1958 – has been chosen by NHS England as a […]
13th January 2021

Vaxtrac, modernising vaccination management during COVID and beyond

Allied Identity launches Vaxtrac, a new groundbreaking vaccination management and credentialing platform using SICPA’s CERTUS™ to address gaps in current infrastructure In the fight against COVID-19 […]
8th January 2021

Flavobac™ Cold & Flu Guard provides a natural barrier against bacteria and viruses

Flavobac Cold & Flu Guard, developed by leading preventative dentistry provider Oraldent, is a completely natural oral and nasal barrier against bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 […]
30th December 2020

Introducing EKF’s accurate quantitative COVID-19 antibody test kit

One of first to detect both the presence and precise levels of COVID-19 neutralizing antibodies Hospital Hub is delighted to share news of a brand new […]