Infection Prevention

4th June 2020

Pioneering infection prevention measures

NCA hospitals in Salford, Oldham, Bury and Rochdale roll out pioneering COVID-19 bio security and infection prevention measures The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (NCA) is […]
3rd June 2020

Rinnai mobile hand wash station – now on sale with first units already sold

Rinnai’s mobile hand wash station is now on sale with the first units already sold and on site working –  this is a timescale of just […]
22nd May 2020

Sampling and testing water systems on-site with IDEXX

Waterborne bacterial contamination in hospitals is an obvious danger to patients. It has the potential to introduce serious infections, especially amongst vulnerable patients such as the […]
21st May 2020

Robot controlled UV-C lights are helping hospitals fight Covid-19

Hospitals have successfully added robot control technology to their armoury in the fight against Covid-19. Mike Bowden (pictured), sales director of UVD Robots UK, explains: “Whilst […]
20th May 2020

Legionella check on continuous flow hot water heating units and delivery systems

Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Heating Systems & Units – Legionella check before Restart – or the ideal time to switch to continuous flow how water […]
20th May 2020

Tork provides the tools to support healthcare staff

Cleaning, hygiene and safety are all front-of-mind for healthcare staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tork manufacturer Essity is supporting them with an award-winning training app and […]
16th May 2020

ROOM dontates Test Booths: providing protection on the frontline

Office phone booth manufacturer ROOM introduces Test Booth, providing protection for healthcare workers on the front lines  NYC startup recycles resources to create modular test booths […]
16th May 2020

More essential than ever before – unlimited hot water on demand

Don’t replace ‘like for like’ in healthcare sites – limitless hot water on demand is readily available now Rinnai continuous flow hot water delivery units and […]
14th May 2020

Preventative washing in ICU is more critical than ever

The importance of preventive washing in intensive care units as part of  COVID-19 management By Thomas OH, Ph.D., Medical & Scientific Affairs for ASIA PACIFIC (Schülke […]