Infection Prevention

17th May 2021

mikrozid® for surface cleaning and disinfection when compromise is not an option

Contaminated surfaces are an established route of transmission for many nosocomial pathogens, including both bacteria and viruses [Otter, 2016]. Viruses with pandemic potential including SARS-CoV, MERS-CoV, […]
12th May 2021

LEDVANCE lights the way in healthcare UV-C solution

The range of UV-C products from LEDVANCE are an ideal disinfecting light solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. The LEDVANCE T8 UV-C and the Linear Housing […]
10th May 2021

NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service support Sue Ryder in light of the coronavirus pandemic

Sue Ryder is amongst the first healthcare providers in England to use the recently launched NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service to meet the new official […]
5th May 2021

European PPE demand to increase pressure on post-covid supply chains

ASAP Innovations warns of increase in demand factors including Europe’s ageing population Demand for PPE is expected to outstrip supply for some time to come, but […]
22nd April 2021

Doing our part in the fight against COVID-19: Sanitized® T 99-19

99.84% protection against SARS CoV-2 on textiles thanks to Sanitized® T 99-19 The antimicrobial protection of Sanitized® T 99-19 is valued by textile manufacturers worldwide. Now […]
22nd April 2021

schülke – supporting World Hand Hygiene Day

Total hand care from schülke – supporting World Hand Hygiene Day – 5th May 2021  Whilst frequent hand hygiene is essential to protect against coronaviruses, it […]
19th April 2021

New non-alcohol approach to sanitisation – CleanRite launches in UK

Hypochlorous proven effective against SARS-CoV-2 to provide new non-alcohol approach to sanitisation – CleanRite launches in UK CleanRite sanitisers, a new dermatologically advanced solution to keeping […]
13th April 2021

New nasal spray inactivates coronavirus in 60 seconds

Queen’s pharmacist launches pioneering antiviral nasal spray that inactivates coronavirus that causes COVID-19 within 60 seconds John Bell & Croyden – established in 1798 and pharmacists […]
13th April 2021

Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers certified to remove 99.9% of airborne coronavirus and H1N1 flu

Leading commercial air purification manufacturer, Fellowes, is pleased to announce its AeraMax Pro air purifiers have shown a 99.99% airborne reduction of a coronavirus surrogate within […]