16th February 2021

Micro-organisms on home deliveries – shop, spray, put away with Steril-eeze

Steril-eeze, the alcohol-free hand and surface hypochlorous sanitiser, commissioned microbiologist Professor Val Edwards-Jones to video test her grocery and takeaway delivery for the presence of micro-organisms […]
16th February 2021

Luna™ is lighting up the world for young eyes during the darkness of lockdown

Infomercial series teaches children how to maximise the benefits of light in their daily lives. A new series of informercials has been launched to help young […]
11th February 2021

Ergotron’s customisable medical carts support safe and efficient vaccination processes

Easy to manoeuvre Mobile Medical Carts with optional LiFeKinnex™ hot-swap battery bring technology to the point of care. Ergotron, a global company focused on improving how […]
9th February 2021

System launches to automate management of COVID-19 vaccination programmes

Software designed to enable NHS Trusts to automate the management of COVID-19 vaccination programmes, for NHS and social care staff, is being launched this week by […]
4th February 2021

Imaging charity rolls out COVID-19 antigen testing to protect users and maintain service provision

Medical imaging charity Cobalt Health introduces the CLINITEST Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test to enhance safety of patients and staff, aiding continuity of service to the NHS […]
2nd February 2021

Caresolve helping care homes to recover from impact of COVID-19

Care home operators need to consider taking a series of measures in order to recover from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many homes have been […]
2nd February 2021

Gogodoc Support NHS COVID-19 Hubs

Gogodoc is a private GP service that is delighted to support the NHS COVID-19 Hubs located in Southall, Hanwell, Ealing and Acton. GP led COVID-19 Hubs […]
26th January 2021

Masks, you may be covered but are you protected?  

KYMIRA provide advanced protection with K-Mask & Nanofibre K-Filters The KYMIRA K-Mask, with the integrated Nanofibre K-Filter, is designed to protect you from viruses, bacteria and […]
25th January 2021

Introduction to surface cleaning in hospital settings – online CPD training

‘The essence of good cleaning is that things not only look clean afterwards, but that they are clean.’ [NPSA, 2009] At all times ‘the hospital environment […]