30th September 2020

New research reveals impact of Covid-19 on attitudes to virtual healthcare

Hospitals face new demand for virtual visiting, and more patients are confident they don’t always need to see a doctor in person, as the use of […]
28th September 2020

COVID-19 and the role of mouth rinses

Article by Dr Tim Sandle COVID-19 is continuing to have a global impact, with infection numbers rising daily. It is caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, (Severe […]
24th September 2020

Could a mouthwash help prevent COVID-19 transmission?

Public Health England has recently recommended that confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients should be given ‘good mouth care’ to help ‘prevent additional infection.’ 1 A new […]
22nd September 2020

JLA’s ozone washing system proven to remove all traces of coronavirus

Treating coronavirus-infected laundry with a professional ozone washing system could have major implications for the future of infection control for the care sector, according to new […]
22nd September 2020

Hand hygiene for all

Skin health and surface hygiene specialist, GOJO Industries-Europe Ltd, supports Global Handwashing Day on 15th October 2020 The coronavirus pandemic continues to provide a stark reminder […]
22nd September 2020

FREE OFFER to help you reduce the pressure on your ICU resources this winter

The NHS faces the most unpredictable Winter in living memory. With the predicted 2nd wave of COVID already showing its intent to wreak havoc and the […]
18th September 2020

Nurse who fought off coronavirus is back on the front line

A Scunthorpe nurse who battled Covid-19 has recovered enough to return to the frontline. Sue Snelson, critical care outreach nurse specialist, spent 12 days in Scunthorpe […]
16th September 2020

The TAP Book of Thanks recognises COVID-19’s unsung heroes

TAP (Thank And Praise) has brought to life the poignant messages of appreciation from its COVID-19 Thanking Walls as a lasting legacy. TAP (Thank And Praise), […]
15th September 2020

Telemedicine has served a vital purpose, now let’s unlock a proactive healthcare revolution

Hamish Grierson, CEO of Thriva, shares the following with Hospital Hub… The COVID-19 pandemic has proven the case for telemedicine, but if we are to see […]