26th August 2021

Groundbreaking virus destroying face mask & wearables turn people into ‘human virus neutralisers’

Is becoming a ‘variant factory’ inevitable? No – there’s an alternative. They call themselves ‘Transmission Hackers’, they’re democratising anti-viral PPE for the masses and disguising it […]
9th August 2021

High respiratory efforts in COVID-19 patients could result in self-inflicted lung injury

Some COVID-19 patients who experience acute respiratory failure respond by significantly increasing their respiratory effort – breathing faster and more deeply. There is concern among some […]
9th August 2021

“Arcadia” clinical trial of new therapeutic for treatment of COVID-19 in diabetes sufferers passes key milestone

Excalibur Healthcare Services said a ‘major milestone’ had been passed in an advanced clinical trial of a new therapy that could treat people with diabetes suffering […]
1st July 2021

10-minute test to see if you have antibodies against COVID-19

Is coronavirus still a danger, even if I’m vaccinated? A new rapid test needs just 10 minutes to show whether you have had the intended immune […]
29th June 2021

Iota-carrageenan nasal spray preventing COVID-19 – positive clinical trial results from Marinomed

As the virus incidence rate in the UK increases and many are again wondering about how to protect themselves… we are delighted to share news of […]
3rd June 2021

Heart Research UK pledges over £500,000 for COVID-19 research

National charity Heart Research UK is to fund three new research projects to investigate how COVID-19 affects the heart and circulatory system – an investment of […]
10th May 2021

National recognition for Boston vaccination team

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, publically recognised the work being delivered at the Princess Royal Sports Arena (PRSA), Boston, during the Coronavirus Downing Street […]
15th April 2021

Covid-19 patients’ mental health and wellbeing low enough to require depression assessment, says new data

SilverCloud Health offers free digital therapy, “Space from Covid”, backed by senior NHS leaders to help UK patients recover from mental challenges of pandemic. Tackling sleep […]
13th April 2021

New nasal spray inactivates coronavirus in 60 seconds

Queen’s pharmacist launches pioneering antiviral nasal spray that inactivates coronavirus that causes COVID-19 within 60 seconds John Bell & Croyden – established in 1798 and pharmacists […]