Highlights of the events include:

  • The new Precision Reporting module which enables structured, systematic reporting and supports increased productivity and enhanced physician satisfaction.
  • RUBEE for AI which seamlessly embeds Augmented Intelligence (AI) specialist packages into Enterprise Imaging.
  • Usability improvements to Enterprise Imaging – to enrich the Radiologist’s reading experience and help System Administrators to manage the system more proactively.
  • Cloud-ready VNA archiving capability and XERO Universal Viewer which enables outsourcing of infrastructure management and data protection, as well providing flexible VNA scalability.
  • Business Intelligence analytics – powered by Looker, which provides real-time insights for more efficient departmental management.
  • Web-enabled Enterprise Imaging functionality which lets Radiologists work “anywhere, anytime”, and with all the functionalities of the desktop.

During two leading radiology congresses, Agfa HealthCare is excited to show the European radiology and imaging IT community the innovations which they have been working on during two-years of market research and R&D investment. The UK Imaging and Oncology Congress (UKIO), takes place on 4-6 July at the ACC in Liverpool. Positioned on Stand B47, our UK & Ireland commercial and technical teams will be offering the usual excellent standard of stand sessions and interactive demonstrations.

Our participation at The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) brings Agfa HealthCare to Vienna between 13 – 17 July. An expert team will be offering insight and hands-on demonstrations on all the latest innovations in our Enterprise Imaging offering.

New Enterprise Imaging features and functionalities supporting radiology productivity

Embedded in the latest release of Enterprise Imaging (version 8.2), we bring over a hundred new features to the conferences. Agfa HealthCare is renowned for being an Enterprise Imaging pioneer, and we are proud to bring an extensive suite of technology innovations which will help improve radiology productivity.

RUBEE for AI embeds Augmented Intelligence packages seamlessly in clinical workflows

It will come as no surprise that, during the forthcoming congresses, the spotlight will be on AI, and the clinical community will be expecting to see tangible progress in the previous years’ industry theories of this intuition. We look forward to showing the wider radiology and imaging IT community that AI is no longer just a concept for Agfa HealthCare. In fact,  RUBEE for AI embeds AI packages seamlessly in clinical workflows for true Augmented Intelligence. Supported by international AI pioneer, Dr Anjum Ahmed, Global Chief Medical Officer Agfa HealthCare, we will be delighted to show you the real-world results that our customers are achieving with RUBEE™ for AI and its disease-oriented clinical packages. Both at UKIO and ECR, Dr Ahmed will be available to discuss and demonstrate our measured and qualified clinical insights which we have extracted over the last two years.

XERO Exchange Network (XEN) for optimized healthcare networks clinical data sharing 

Further innovations for congress readiness include enhancements to Agfa HealthCare’s XERO Exchange Network (XEN), formulated to optimise clinical data sharing within healthcare networks. Specifically for UKIO, we are delighted to host a series of customer showcases where the power of XEN can be seen – an IT lead from the Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative (YIC) will be presenting “System Insights from a Clinical Network” to healthcare providers who are starting their Integrated Care System (ICS) journey. Equally, our Cloud Innovation Leads will be present to explain the merits of scalable and cost controlled virtual hosting solutions, combined with consultative services on KLAS-qualified cyber readiness.

Agfa HealthCare’s Vice President for Europe, Franz Tiani, comments on the participation at these class-leading European events: “After two years of virtual engagement, our European teams are eager to re-interact with healthcare networks and share the intensive developments on which we have been working since the last time we all met. It is exciting to see such prestigious congresses ‘coming back to life’ and the excellent participation that they stand to receive from industry, partners and healthcare professionals. The radiology communities can expect to see Agfa HealthCare raising the bar, once again, with our clinical intuition and class-leading solutions.”

Agfa HealthCare’s Managing Director for Region North, Roberto Anello, affirms the focus on engagement with the clinical community: “We’re back together and reviewing how our solutions focus on what really matters – making a difference to the delivery of patient care. This is what we are celebrating with our latest solution offerings and reflection on our client successes. Our “real-world” AI experience has turbo-charged Radiologists’ workflow in live clinical settings – the efficiencies are material and form a seamless addition to clinical practices. Elevating our client partnerships at UKIO and ECR is something we want to share with the community – alongside our latest innovations – showcasing how collaboration and image-sharing is our core.”

We look forward to welcoming you to our stands! Pay us a visit on Stand B47 at UKIO and Expo Hall X2, Booth 211 at ECR to meet #TeamAgfa in a friendly environment.

Should you wish to pre-book a meeting, you can reach out to the team here: AgfaHealthCare at UKIO, Agfa HealthCare at ECR.

Learn about scientific programme and register for UKIO and ECR.