Nature’s Pharmacy

1st July 2020

Data reveals wild garlic as UK’s favourite medicinal herb in 2020

Most popular UK online searches in 2020: Medicinal herbs – wild garlic is the most searched online in 2020 (556K online searches), followed by turmeric (530K) […]
9th April 2020

Free Vitamin D to frontline healthcare professionals

Vitamin subscription service offering free Vitamin D to frontline healthcare professionals As events continue into unprecedented territory and the effects of COVID-19 are felt globally, personalised […]
18th March 2020

Help for sore hands after continued washing

Is rigorous hand washing and sanitising in the midst of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic making your hands red-raw, dry and sore? Skin healing expert Hanna Sillitoe […]
17th March 2020

Cannadips CBD wins awards at the UK’s Hemp & CBD Expo

Cannadips, the Californian brand of in-mouth CBD pouches introduced to the European market by SpectrumLeaf Limited, recently received First place for Best Edible and Second place […]
12th March 2020

Herbal Heroes: 5 of the best natural herbal solutions to support immunity

By Euan MacLennan (pictured), Herbal Director at Pukka Herbs and Medical Herbalist at a London-based NHS practice During the seasons, our body can be challenged by […]
24th February 2020

Can complementary medicine help menopausal symptoms?

Many women think about using complementary and alternative medicine to ease their menopausal symptoms, with or without HRT. But they also worry about which ones to […]
14th November 2019

Introducing Cannadips – natural, discreet & fast-acting CBD infused pouches

Cannadips, Snus-inspired CBD infused pouches that are all natural, discreet and fast-acting From candies and oil tinctures to tea bags or even face creams, CBD products […]
29th October 2019

‘Canna’ do attitude sees consultancy expand its event series

London Canna Group (LCG or the “Company”) the leading comprehensive cannabis consultancy in the United Kingdom, announces details of its international expansion with ECE 2020 event […]
30th September 2019

CBD Oil – the natural alternative to HRT?

CBD, or cannabidiol is hot topic. Often touted as a ‘wonder product’ it is suggested to have benefits for a huge range of health challenges. Some […]