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14th January 2021

Natural mood boosters to combat the winter blues

The winter blues are a very real and common problem affecting people all over the world, especially in cold climates. During the dark days of winter, […]
12th January 2021

The Sense Glucose Earring could transform the way patients manage type 1 diabetes

A product design graduate from the University of Huddersfield has defeated thousands of entries from around the world to become one of the finalists of the […]
11th January 2021

Travels Round Toulon: dancer Lin Grahame recovers her mobility in France

In part two of Lin’s story, she confronts immobility caused by osteoarthritis, and redefines her relationship with the condition through cross border healthcare. “Not being able […]
11th January 2021

Lin Grahame is dancing as fast as she can

The Edinburgh-based dancer has spent the last nine years since her first diagnosis and hip replacement surgery, defying arthritis and inspiring people of all ages to […]
16th December 2020

Medical experts claim balancing this little-known biological signalling system is the key to good health

Endoverse – the UK’s first organisation dedicated to balancing the Endocannabinoid System has been launched by Czech medical professionals The team behind Endoverse is on a […]
16th December 2020

CBD Oral Strips: an easier, more discreet and effective way of CBD consumption

The emergence of CBD remedies in recent years has evolved from an undefined niche to a fast-growing industry of its own. While no medical claims can […]
15th December 2020

7 military exercises to ramp up your workout routine with Ollie Ollerton

Most of you will have a comfortable workout routine, but how many of you truly push yourself to your limits? That is the difference between exercising […]
15th December 2020

Improve your mental health simply by saying no more often

How many times during the week do you find yourself agreeing to something you’d prefer not to do? It gets put on your to-do list, then […]
15th December 2020

Is music the answer to the stress caused by 2020?

This year has been an emotional strain for so many of us, whether we’ve felt incredibly socially isolated during the peak of national lockdown, lost our […]